Recycled material


  • Current silicone material suppliers use all virgin materials to compound silicone rubber either in liquid or solid form for all industry applications.
  • It is feasible to implement the post-industrial recycle by utilizing the scrap wastes generated from defective components due to yield lost and wastes generated from post-processing such as punching, trimming and de-flashing of the silicone rubber finishing silicon components.
  • Working to develop on Post-consumer recycle to be utilizing more scraps and wastes generated by different category and silicone products.
  • Applied for SCS global certification for Recycled Content to setting the standard for sustainability.
  • Recycle process can be carried out using thermal de-polymerization process with a reactor, acid catalyzed distillation process run at high temperatures. We are using KOH instead of Benzene Sulfonic Acid for the recycle process.
  • Silicone oil produced from the end of recycling process will be used to produce the silicone rubber product.

Recycle Material Series

Recycled Liquid Silicone

  • GR 10LS-XX
  • GR 20LS-A-XX

Recycled Solid Silicone

  • GR 10C-XX
  • GR 20C-XX

Production of Post-Industrial Recycled Grade of Silicone Rubber Material