Kibaru is established for more than 24 years specializing in new materials development to provide eco-friendly solution to plastic and silicone rubber solution by reducing carbon emission and contamination to the environment. Wiser is established to continue spearheading the material development in different niche areas.
Many significant creative and technological breakthroughs of the company through the years have exerted much influence on the development and growth of the rubber and plastic component manufacturing industry. We have wide experiences working with many local companies as well as international corporations in the IT, electronics, audio-visual, telecommunication, automotive, pharmaceutical, home appliance & more industries.

Moreover, our company has our own in-house materials and tooling developments including DFM, Mold Flow, Bespoke Material, Process Optimization and Automation Solution.

Recycled Silicone

  • PIR process with our own industrial scraps
  • Extracted Recycle Silicone Oil from scraps
  • Use recycled silicone oil to produce recycle silicone

Bespoke Silicone

  • Adjust Silicon characteristic and properties according to product requirement
  • Capability on develop and testing on new silicone products
  • Color matching capability

Tool Manufacturing

  • Provide Design for manufacturing proposal with drawing & requirement
  • High precision of Liquid injection molding and compression molding fabrication capability
  • Jig and fixture fabrication capability

Molding and Extrusion Process

  • Compression Molding Process
  • Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Process
  • Cable Extrusion Process
  • Plastic Injection Process

Post Process

  • Slip Coating Process
  • Painting Process
  • Laser Etching Process
  • Polishing with Robotic Arms Process
  • Auto-Inspection Process
  • Auto-Liner packing Process

Our company also supplies food and medical grade products with FDA material approved as well as cleanroom facilities for our production to our customers. We have assisted many corporations in continuously upgrading their products’ quality to effectively compete in the global market.

Furthermore, Wiser supplies green-post industrial recycled silicon with certified recycle process to obtain sustainable materials as well as cleanroom facilities for our production to our customers. We’re using the post-industry waste to minimize the disposal of scrap materials while ensuring the products are having high quality even with the recycle materials.